Boarding and day care

The Centre Canin La Patte Champêtre is the place to leave your dog or cat.

Well-being, freedom and security are the secrets of our success.

Dog services

Well being

All runs are equipped with a heated floor, Kuranda beds and stainless steel bowls for food. In addition, the kennel is fully air-conditioned.

The runs are cleaned every day.

Freedom and Security

At our kennel, dogs enjoy long periods of freedoms in supervised groups. Dogs are in their runs for meals, for the night and for breaks between play periods.


Your dogs will be fed their own food according to the schedule they have at home.


If they are to receive medication, we will administer it without problems. It is essential to bring your pet’s vaccination record.

Your dog must have received the vaccines for Rabies, DHPP (Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza) and Bordetella in order to be eligible for boarding.

Cat boarding

The Center Canin La Patte Champêtre is equipped to keep your little kitty. Call for reservations.


Dog boarding

Day care
+ 4 hours
Walking, play fetch or love$18
High Season $ 79$35$ 35
Group walk$15

Cat boarding

High season$45$24$19

Booking request

New customer ? Please contact us by phone at 450-508-2167.

New dog must come for an evaluation period of one day care. This evaluation allows us to better know your dog and place it in the right group.

Please specify: name, breed, age and other relevant information about your animal(s).

Deposits are non-refundable. If the cancellation is made more than 48 days before the scheduled date of entry of the animal, the deposit may be applied on a next reservation. However, if the time limit is less than 48 hours before the scheduled boarding date, the deposit will be lost.

The rates quoted are for information only and have no legal value. Only the rates given at the time of booking are applicable.

The Centre Canin La Patte Champêtre reserves the right to modify or delete this rate information at any time, without being obliged to notify you.

The discounted price for the second animal is applicable provided that the two or three animals share the same kennel.

Need more information?

If you wish to have more information about our boarding services for dogs and cats, dog training or grooming, please do not hesitate to contact us.