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Blainville's dog kennel

Le centre Canin La patte Champêtre de Blainville, service de pension pour chien et chat. Nous offrons les services de pension pour chien de jour ou longue durée. Communiquez dès aujourd'hui pour nous confier votre chien lors de votre prochain séjour à l'extérieur. La pension pour chien La Patte Champêtre, service de pension pour chien à Blainville.

Pension pour chien à Blainville, situé près de Terrebonne, Rosemère, Boisbriand, Mirabel sur la rive nord de Laval. Nous offrons les services de pension pour chien et chat, courte ou longue durée.

Pension pour chien disponible dans la grande région de Blainville, Rosemère, Terrebonne, Boisbriand ou Ste-Thérèse. Nous offrons les services de pension pour chien, toilettage, dressage et autres services pour votre chien ou chat. Confiez nous la pension de votre chien ou chat lors de vos vacances, nous en prendrons grand soins. Communiquez dès maintenant avec le Centre Canin La Patte Champêtre

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well-being, freedom and security

The Centre Canin La Patte Champêtre is the perfect place to allow your dog to live a dream holiday. Here, the well-being, freedom and safety of your dog are our priorities.

Nature is in the spotlight. After passing the small white fences that border the kennel grounds, you will find yourself surrounded by nature, but at the same time, so close to the city.

The site of the Center Canin La Patte Champêtre is located on a wooded agricultural land of Blainville. With more than 33 acres of woods, trails and 3 fenced dog parks, your loyal companion will not have time to be bored.

Here, everything has been designed in the best interest of your dog.

The Center Canin La Patte Champêtre is located in Blainville, just 20 minutes north of Montreal.


Our kennel is very modern. A brand new building with 46 individual runs. The kennel has heated floors in winter and air conditioning in summer. We also have an indoor exercise room in addition to the 3 outdoor parks. In the kennel, relaxing music as well as aromatherapy are used to ensure that your dog will make beautiful dreams. A camera system allows us to have an eye on your dogs 24 hours a day and thus make sure that all the dogs are calm and safe.

Upon arrival, with your dog, we make sure to have all the necessary information concerning our boarder. In addition, our sophisticated computer system allows us to access all the information with a single click.

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